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Forum Structure & Articles

Category: Website News

The discussion forum structure has been expanded and improved.

Also, the parent section for the travel information articles for members has been added to the navigation menu. 

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Travel App Series

Category: App News

The first of our sister company's travel series mobile apps has been posted to the Google Play Store as of June 4, 2016. The series is called the ValuApps Travel Series. Each app targets a particular location and presents information, tips, directions, maps and other general travel and location specific features and information.

The subject location for the first app is Ketchikan Alaska.

You can find the app in the Google Play Store by searching for VATS Ketchikan Alaska. The VATS at the beginning of the name on each of the apps stands for ValuApps Travel Series.

Currently the apps are free and do not have ads in them. We are hoping to get sponsors in each location to allow for that to continue, especially with how obnoxious the mobile app ads have become. With the sponsorship would come a premium placement in the appropriate directory.

You can find more information on the app development at

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